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Beatties Department Store

Victoria Street
West Midlands
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James Beatties (House of Fraser)

Beatties store was developed between the late 1920s and 1950s.  Landmark building with elevations on Victoria Street and Darlington Street.  Architects - Lavender, Twentyman and Percy.  Store also now includes former Burton's building on corner.  House 'art deco' style with elephant head motifs. Locally Listed, approved March 2000.
 1-Beatties Plaque.jpg
Blue Plaque:  on Darlington Street frontage, commemorates the creation of the Beatties Department Store Group.
When the listing says "Store developed between late 1920s ..." that refers to the present buildings on the site.  Beatties is one of the oldest extant retailers in Wolverhampton - and a much liked department store (something of a local institution).  Their history in Wolverhampton will, one day, get a few pages elsewhere on this site. In recent years the group expanded very rapidly but this remained their HQ and flagship store.  In 2005 the company succumbed to a takeover by House of Fraser - who say that the store will retain its name.

Beatties Heritage Room

The Beatties heritage collection is within the Wolverhampton City Archives Rococo Room.