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Our Product Range

In our shop all our lamb pork beef and poultry and game may be cut to our customers requirements. We now have a thriving range of meats used for dinner parties i.e.; guards of honour, crown roasts lamb and pork beef wellingtons etc and we are always willing to listen and oblige customers individual requirements.

Pie Room

In here all the finest ingredients are used to produce our range of cooked products these include a comprehensive range of cooked meats Pork pie, pork & leek, pork & egg, and pork & chicken pies these are prepared in 1 2 & 6lb moulds.

Pork Pies

Savoury Pies

Steak/onion, steak/kidney, Chicken/mushroom, Pasties, sausage rolls, Bacon/sausage lattice and 4 varieties of quiche and savoury scotch eggs.


Ready Cooked Meals.

Chicken or Beef lasagne. Chicken or Lamb curries Fagots Cottage Pies Hot pots etc. We also make sweet pies Blackberry/apple raspberry/apple Cherry, and Egg custards

Sausage Room

In here we use only the highest quality meat taken from the cutting room, blended with finest seasonings and fresh vegetables to make some of our speciality sausage mixes these are then filled into natural casings and linked by hand ready for the counters or delivery.

Thin Pork Sausage
Tomato Sausage

Our range includes Pork sausage chipolata pork /tomato pork/leek pork/sage and onion. Thick pork and Cumberland.

Gluten free and other special orders are made to accommodate customer's health requirements

Raw Special Cuts.


Crown Roast Lamb
Guard of Honour

Butterfly of lamb Loin of lamb boned and flattened out used for grilling or BBQ

Guard of Honour Loin trimmed and casserlated to make an impression when served on the table

Crown Roast Traditional crown made ready for your enjoyment complete with cutlet frills.

Cushion of Lamb Shoulder of Lamb boned and de fatted, trimmed then made into a cushion for easy carving. This looks very impressive with our fresh Rosemary.


LOIN Boned and rolled scored to any size

LOIN Made into a crown as with lamb

LEG Made into joints boned and rolled very easy to carve

BBQ RIBS Ribs with lots of meat left on them absolutely wonderful on a hot summers evening

Boned Rolled Pork Loin
Pork Loin


All our beef is either Scottish and is all from hand picked farmers.

INDIVIDUAL BEEF WELLINGTONS 100 grams of fillet steak and mushrooms with home made pate in our own puff pastry Just cook for 25mins at 180c or 30-35 mins well done.

Roast Beef
Sirloin Joint

FILLET STEAK All trimmed ready to grill


HIP BONE STEAK All as above.

MINCED BEEF Very lean delicious for bolognaise lasagne all from our own cattle

BEEF CASSEROLE CUBES A very lean treat ideal for beef bourginoin or exotic casseroles.