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Sweet Memories

You'll Never Forget this Shop...

Sweet Memories

Unit 8, Victoria Arcade
Victoria St

07966 504996

Sweet Memories (Mander Centre)

For all your old fashioned and traditional sweets along with gifts and retro hampers!!

Over 200 Jars to choose from :

Sweet tobacco, sweet peanuts, tea cakes, chewing nuts, Pontefract cakes, liquourice gums, aniseed balls, dad's herbals, pear drops,pineapple rock, bon bons( all flavours), summer creams, edinburgh rock, aniseed twists, cola cubes and many more!!!

Over 100 tubs of pic 'n' mix from 69p per 100g 

Retro Sweets

Anglo bubbly, refreshers, candy watches, flying saucers,chocolate bananas, chocolate cigarettes and love hearts and many more!

Selection of liquorice 

Liquorice sticks, Bassets hard sticks, cables, giant crystal flyers, catherine wheels, liquorice gums and liquorice wood.

Nougat, Toffee and Fudge, Mega Lollies and Gobstoppers