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Tough Guy®

Experience is the Addictiveness of Fear

Tough Guy

South Perton Farm, Jenny Walkers Lane
South Staffordshire

01902 764422

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The only course In the world designed to remove your Bravado – Courage and give it to the girl behind you!
Tough Guy® is the nightmare of being chased by a herd of stallions.Your only escape route is a mighty and revered obstacle course. Built from trees, 15 metres high with Tarzan ropes swinging. No hats and no hook ups. Just pure, organic grip strength from your cold and wet hands.Belly flop beneath razor wire, the stallions still snorting at your heels, matching your every step. Look deep into the flames before diving through them straight into shoe sucking mud. Then something wakes you, or does it? Were the stallions just a nightmare?No time to look back, the narrow tunnels beckon.
You bravely enter to discover they're filled with murky water. You can't see. You can't breathe. What chance of survival? Grope around and grab that rope. Pull yourself lungs bursting, into the light! You see the sun, or is it just another cruel mirage?You are faced with a wall climb, as high as a mountain. No visiblity again. Is that smoke, mist or cloud? How do you get down? Take the netting or dive into the freezing lake. You suddenly realise that the sound of stallions behind is fading. You must go on. The only route is through the Arctic water. A monkey rope, a barbed wire crawl, a rubber snake, a skin ripping snake, you can smell the finish. It's familiar.....you recognise.....it smells like.....cocoa! You know you've earned it!
"The first thing that hits you when you are led into Tough Guy HQ for an audience with Mr Mouse (as Wilson likes to be called, proudly describing the nickname as the ultimate badge of humility) is the the farm is still, first and foremost, a horse sanctuary, and one gets the pungent impression that many of the horses – along with about two dozen rescue dogs – must live right here, indoors, with the Wilsons and their staff." 

What is tough guy?

Tough Guy™ is a window of opportunity to test oneself, on every discipline in life, in one day.
It becomes a fever to achieve, to fail, to come back, to attempt the chunks missed on the previous attempts.
There are no Social/Sexual/Age barriers, once stripped of Materialistic Make Up it is oneself against the course
with the simple security of the Family of Equals in front, behind and around oneself. Younger achievers view it as
the window to adulthood.


The whole point of Tough Guy™ experience is the addictiveness of Fear

Fear joins up the Family of Man. In all historical disaster when materialism has gone, fear sets each group

in a concrete form to join the journey into the unknown. As a lump we are more feared to go back we take a

communal vision as we grab each others flesh tearing to mingle our blood. We reach a point where fear joins the

world of materialism we are leaving behind, together with the serene and beautiful world of death. Death is

beautiful, we are gazing at wonderful things, there is no pain. Love is to pledge, to give, to go forward to infinitesimal

giving of love. Our God is in sight. Our souls unseen, yet under powerful guidance are ready to melt

into a great mass of comfortable goodness. When suddenly God says 'who the fookin-in-hell sent

5000 souls together into Death'? We in our humble sublimeness shout Tough Guy™. God smiles and says

'Get out of here, take that vision of love and giving, to spread it, my children'.

Suddenly the crowds are cheering, the brass horse shoe is around your neck, the hot cocoa is spilling around

your lips, your mind is numb. It can only think of “I have touched the hand of God, my life now has a

purpose, I am addicted to the magical fear of Tough Guy™”.



Tough Guy™ has the ambition to build a course ‘on the doorstep’ of every man, woman and child.

To achieve this we go back to the roots of Tough Guy™ to 1986-1991 whence the first sods were dug and the

very name Tough Guy™ was placed upon an old fashioned cross country run, with an added bundle of

man made and natural obstacles. With a pledge to build 1 to 10 new obstacles to each event total today over 250

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