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 Network West Midlands 


Network West Midlands is the name that connects all public transport in the West Midlands. This includes Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Coventry, Walsall, Solihull and Wolverhampton. The Network West Midlands logo and signs on all bus stops, rail stations, bus stations and Metro stops. Wherever you see it, you'll find information to make using buses, trains and Metro easier.

You'll find timetable information at bus stops and maps and journey information at all places where services meet - helping you switch from bus to train or bus to Metro with confidence.

The aim is to work towards creating a smoother, safer, more efficient and user-friendly system.

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Up to the minute information - at the stop or on your mobile

More buses will be tracked by Global Positioning Satellite technology. This means we can send up-to-the-minute information to a screen within the shelter telling you when your bus will arrive.

At other stops you'll be able to use your mobile phone to request a text message with the arrival time of the next bus. We will also introduce real time information systems at some local rail stations where screens will display the arrival time of your train.

There's a host of other ways to plan your journey, for bus, rail and Metro, like up-to- date printed timetables which will be appearing over the next few months at every stop, the Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 , this website, pocket sized rail timetables and area maps and guides.

Who does what?

The West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority is responsible for setting public transport policy. Its Executive, Centro, puts that policy into action, developing and promoting public transport services for people and encouraging their use.

Centro does not operate bus, rail or Metro services but they do run bus stations, provide bus shelters and subsidise socially necessary bus services. We also fund free travel for older and disabled people and half price travel for the under 16s. Private companies operate bus, rail and Metro services in the West Midlands.

All are partners in the West Midlands and are working together to provide better passenger information and improve services.