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Wolverhampton 21 Locks

Wolverhampton 21 Locks Trail

By using the drop down menu on the AutoTour above you may jump through the 21 locks and save your legs...

The flight of twenty-one locks completed James Brindley's Canal link from Birmingham to Aldersley Junction (joining the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal) which opened its full 22.5 mile (36km) by 1772. The flight alters the water level by 121 feet (37 metres) over two miles.


This trail covers 2.8 km (1 3/4 miles) of the Birmingham Mainline Canal Network starting at Broad Street Basin in Wolverhampton City Centre.

By completing it you will have covered approximately 3,500 steps, 21 individual canal locks, each with their own story and burnt around 175 calories. Parts of this trail maybe tough for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

View or download the online brochure here : 21 Locks Brochure

The conservation and enhancement of historic buildings and environments are important objectives of the Council and this trail has been prepared to provide an enjoyable and informative experience for those with an interest in the heritage of the City. The Trail should take about one and a half hours to complete.

Wheelchair users are advised that the ramps at the sides of the canal locks are extremely steep and difficult to negotiate. Therefore, it is suggested that wheelchair users do not attempt the whole route. However, access to the towpath can be achieved at Jones Road where there is level ground between locks.

Motor cycle excluder barriers are in place along the 21 locks and people in wheelchairs or those with buggies may find them difficult to negotiate. Some of the barriers have wide opening gates incorporating the RADAR lock. These are marked on the trail plan.

Please accompany young children to safeguard against them falling into the canal. Canals can be very isolated places and those of you who might choose to follow the trail alone should consider your safety at all times. Access points are marked on the trail plan.

All of the Locks, the cottages at Broad Street and the railway viaducts are Listed structures and are part of the Wolverhampton Locks Conservation Area.

The Trail starts at Broad Street Basin which is easily accessible from the town centre. It ends at Aldersley Junction. You may return to Wolverhampton Town Centre using local bus services. Bus routes in the vicinity of the finish are marked on the trail plan; alternatively retrace the route of the trail.

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